Combine Harvester

FARMLINE Maxx- 4900 Combine provides unprecedented performance and capacity in all crops and conditions. The unique Single Tyne Separator (STS) system provides superior crop handling performance, high levels of productive capacity, and excellent quality of harvested grain

Combine Harvester

High levels of productive capa

Combine Harvester Maize

Landforce Maize header combine

Tractor Driven Combine

Tractor Driven combine with Tw


Thresher is used for the harvesting of grain. The husks and grain are entirely separated and blown in opposite direction because of its fanning and delivering system.

Maize Thresher

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Multi Crop Thresher

Landforce Multi Crop Thresher

Paddy thresher

Landforce Paddy Thresher is us

Wheat Thresher

Landforce Harambha Thresher is


Landforce Potato Digger are machines that Digger potatoes. They work by lifting the potatoes from the bed using a share. soil and crop are transferred onto a series of webs where the loose soil is sieved out. The potatoes are moved towards the back of the Diggeron to a separation unit then (on manned machines) to a picking table where a people pick out by hand the stones, clod, haulm ad reject lod. The potatoes then go on a side elevator and into a trailor or a potato box.


Landforce Potato Digger are ma

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