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     Maize thresher is used to separate grain from cobs. Before shelling, the foliage is removed manually. Maize thresher are either manually operated or power operated. A power operated maize thresher uses 30-36 cm diameter cylinder of 80-100 cm lengths .On the periphery of the cylinder, there are pegs that remove the grain from cobs using axial flow movement. The cylinder speed is maintained in between 500-600 rpm. The cob moves toward the end of sheller from feeding side and during this process grains are rubbed against drum and posses through the concave. Blower is provided to remove lighter material.

Concave clearance and cylinder speed can vary and adjusted as per
recommendation. Maize Thresher are used for all types of maize varieties local as well as hybrid and composites. Maize thresher are of two types' viz. spring type and cylinder type. Spring-type sheller consists a rotating fluted cylinder, a rotating disc and a spring pressure plate. The cobs are fed to rotating fluted cylinder and kernels are removed from cobs as they move in between cylinder and disc. Blower blow off the light material and clean grain is collected separately. These shellers are available in various sizes such as domestic shellers, single-hole and double-hole shellers.
Domestic sheller is a hand operated and available with small farmer for shelling of small quantity of maize.