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Landforce Disc Harrow Hydraulic designed by us are just more than perfect to work in the toughest working conditions. It is used in the most efficient way in big area fields for smashing of clods, burying of the organic contents, breaking off the deep roots, trivial ploughing and making the soil ready for cultivation. Skillfully and technically designed tyre mechanism and hydraulic mechanism of the Disc Harrows manufactured by our professional squad are highly durable and authentic.


It can reconcile the gardens and farmlands of different sizes.
It can easily tackle surplus weight to decompose firm and big clods of soil.
It also assists strongly in supporting discs for enhancing the time of reliability.
It imbibes of a huge rich and robust disc system that helps in accommodating large area gardens and farms.


High resistible, heat treated discs notched at front and plain at rear or alternated.
Transport tyres also ensure optimum working depth control.
Ease and speed of set-up into the work/transport position.
Easy gang angling adjustment with locking device standard manual.
Increased inter-disc spacing and disc scrapers preventing trash built up.
Hydrolic folding to reduce the transport width for easy and safe transportation for 32 disc and more.
Spacers and bearing housings made from steel for trouble free long working life.