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Landforce Laser land leveller is leveling the field within certain degree of desired slope using a guided laser beam throughout the field. Unevenness of the soil surface has a significant impact on the germination, stand and yield of crops. Farmers also recognize this and therefore devote considerable time resources in leveling their fields properly. However, traditional methods of leveling land are cumbersome, time consuming as well as expensive.

Scraper Bucket is equipped with ruggedly constructed frame, twin double wheels with tubed tyres of suitable size, fitted with laser mounting platform, complete hydraulic system with cylinders, hoses, valves and laser hook up fitted for automatic operation of scraper.

The LIECA RUGBY 100 LR is an self leveling, long range, rugged, reliable and highly accurate laser system, which is used for exterior jobs on any size small or large.


  • Increase Productivity
  • Save Irrigation water upto 40%
  • Reduce weed in agriculture filed.
  • Save fuel, electricity used in irrigation.
  • Increase yield by 30%

 * Implements for tractor more then100 HP are also available. Customers are request to submit the requirements.

 * Company reserves the right to modify the design, so customers are requested to ensure about  specification and weight before placing the order.