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Landforce seed cum fertilizer drill is used for simultaneous activities of Seeding and Fertilization process in a single operation. It can be retrofitted to a tractor of 35 HP and above. It drills seeds and fertilizer together but delivers them separately in a single drive, Seed and Fertilizer are drilled at different depths thus improves germination. There are separate containers for seed and Fertilizers.


  • Save Fuel Time.
  • Good Germination.
  • Proper Distribution of Seeds fertilizer.
  • Crop residue as much helps in moisture and temperature conservation.
  • Improved Soil Health.
  • Environment Friendly.

 * Implements for tractor more then100 HP are also available. Customers are request to submit the requirements.

 * Company reserves the right to modify the design, so customers are requested to ensure  about  specification and weight before placing the order.