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Multi Crop Raised Bed Planter is used for sowing bold grains like maize, groundnut, peas, cotton, sunflower etc, on the two raised bed formed by ridgers. The planting discs for different crops can be changed without dismantling the seed hoppers main shaft. Missing of grains and grains damage is negligible. Fertilizer can be used simultaneously according to requirement. Roller is provided for shaping the raised bed properly and covering the seeds.


Save Fuel & Time.
Good Germination.
Proper Distribution of Seeds & Fertilizers.
Crop residue as much helps in moisture and temperature conservation.
Improved Soil Health.
Environment Friendly.

 * Implements for tractor more then100 HP are also available. Customers are request to submit the requirements.

 * Company reserves the right to modify the design, so customers are requested to ensure  about  specification and weight before placing the order.