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Landforce Paddy Thresher is used for the harvesting of paddy grain. The husks and grain are entirely separated and blown in opposite direction because of its fanning and delivering system.
The grains obtained from the Dasmesh Paddy Thresher fetches 3 to 5 % extra earnings for the farmers unlike other grains.
The filtering unit and router fitted into it never break the grain while threshing the paddy crop.
It is outfitted with two wheels having large radius which facilitates it with easy movement from one place to another.


Reliable Quality: the machine is highlighted with compact structure, scientific design and superior quality. It is anti-acid, anti-rust and moisture proof.
High Efficiency: It can thresh paddy crop with high efficiency, separate husks and remove dust from the production mixture.
Cost-saving: the machine has advantage of high removal rate and low breakage, which could cut down the harvest time and save labor cost at the same time.
Easy operation: Tractor is directly attached to thresher in working and transport position. It helps to save time and labor.
Safety: Safety covers provided on belt drive and shafts for the safety of the operators

 * Implements for tractor more then100 HP are also available. Customers are request to submit the requirements.

 * Company reserves the right to modify the design, so customers are requested to ensure  about  specification and weight before placing the order.